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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hey all,

     I will soon be posting regularly and networking more often. Been a long hard road the last couple of years, kind of like dragging a boulder uphill on a hot day, but I'm in a good place and hope to be wrecking the scene with a well done novel in a few months. Editing is the next phase after another revision pass-through or two. A publisher level editor is my goal to do the work, so, I'll let you know what happens and I will also talk more about the unbelievable journey of mine, down the writers road.

      See you on Twitter!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hey All,

     Sorry about the long lag between posts, I've been really busy. Many of you follow me on Facebook and Twitter and I've been scarce over there too, jumping in-and-out most days.
     Anyway, I think we've finally got the new dance tune where we want it, but a last round of opinions from my musical circle of friends around the world and then we launch. My buddy owns a recording studio here in the Fort Lauderdale area and he did the sound engineering, that's how I did it, got this thing recorded, in case anyone was wondering. Dean gets a split of the proceeds and is wild about the theme and the dance beat, both something everyone will recognize. It's very danceable.
     There's a lot to doing a song, like a novel, and it's hard work. The problem, also similar to writing, is the objectivity issues, so, at this point that's why we're field testing it. After several versions and tweaks this tune is catchy and smooth with a heavy drum beat.

     Hopefully my book "To Hunt The Hunter" will go well too when I finally get back to it and complete the third revision and look for a good editor.

That's it for now, see you on FB or Twitter. The song should be available for download in a few weeks, the web page will be up and media will be buzzing about it. See you then.

You know where to find me......