Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On the Road with the original florida kid week 31

"On the Road" with the original florida kid
Hello again fellow truckstars! It's week 31........
....and you're on the road with the original florida kid.....
Grandma, Barbie, Pup the wonder dog and the whole gang here at the ranch say "HEY".......
Alright let's grab a cup of Grandma's famous cowboy coffee, an ashtray and pull up a chair, we have a lot to talk about this week!
I want to apologize first off to you regular readers because I wasn't able to write for several days, for 2 reasons. 1), I was on the road and 2), my computer got messed up when the power went off and surged back on while my computer was booting up. It took 4 days to get it fixed, and yes I could have gone to the public library to write but my online list of trucking websites and blog sites was not available to me, so, any way you slice it, I was dead in the water for several days.
I'd like to welcome a new guy to the blog, goes by Mudslinger, and he seems like my kind of guy just a straight up man who isn't afraid to work - so - a big "cowboy howdy shout out" to Mudslinger! You can find him on chickentrucker.com - and also a big "cowboy howdy shout out" to one of the seemingly busiest lady drivers I've ever heard of - Cybergal - you can find her all over the forums on thetruckersreport.com that is, when she's not runnin' loads!
Listen, some of the best drivers I've ever met are women drivers........
http://www.uscattlehaulers.com/strike.htm - here's the best place to get info and also get involved in the trucking effort to lower fuel costs and raise awareness of the other issues we need to look at. Mr. Little is really working hard to make a difference for all of us and I hope you can see your way clear to getting involved. Last week was a really good start and now we know the general public is definitely on our side,
what'cha' think truckstar? Some are saying they want to make another shut down happen at the end of this month.......
I have to tell ya, truckstars, I'm already tired of feeling stressed and a little bummed out all the time. It's hard enough to make a living and look after my family, and forget about hopes and dreams, this whole thing in life has turned into a paycheck to paycheck stress session, for me anyway......I wish I were smarter.....or luckier........now am I saying that I've given up? No, Hell No, it's just that once in a while I feel like I'm bleeding too much, too often.......
HEALTH DEPARTMENT- I want you to check out this link to the NY Times newsletter I get : http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/03/fashion/03Fitness.html?nl=8hlth&emc=hltha4
Just check it out.........and also this is a site you should have bookmarked - http://www.webmd.com/
I go there when I am looking for a starting point to research, sometimes. I'm still looking into the "endochrine system" as it pertains to men, mostly, and it is getting more involved than I first thought so bear with me, next week I'll write about it. It's one of the most important systems in the body, yet so little is ever written about it.....I subscribe to this ezine/newsletter, I think you should too - http://www.healthresources.net - look for the newsletter sign-u in the upper right.
TRUCKSTAR TECH- Check out this site, it's a map and directions kind of thing. Also I'm looking into a new system by Garmin, it's called the Synthetic Vision System, I know, I know it's for boats but I'm thinking of what it could mean to drivers to be completely adaptable in a more visual sense, and yes, it's mostly for boat navigation but I'm talking with them to see if it's adaptable for trucking or road surface navigation. Some of these boat nav systems are so advanced it makes the stuff we use look like fred flinstone, check this one out - www.FurunoUSA.com - check out the NavNet3D System. Maybe you'll see what I see. Also check out - http://www.gasbuddy.com/ - you can even get involved as a gas spotter.
www. cyberpower.com - a great place to check out the latest in pc and laptop gear. this co. is one the tech's I talk to you are starting to buy from.
PBR and NASCAR next week!
I've got a boat waiting for me to go to South Carolina, I had to turn down a run from Pensacola to Idaho because it was a low ball deal and with the price of fuel I couldn't risk ending up driving all that way and back with no back-haul.....this is what it's come down to. Six months or a year ago I would have taken the haul...........
To find your Representative - www.house.gov - ( just enter your zip)
To find your Senators - www.senate.gov - (scroll to your home state)
Write them often, tell your friends to write them often......when? right now !
Before anything else happens I hope we can all get together on a National Truckers Prayer Day.....the bible says - "if God is for us - then who can be against us?"
Do you think for one second that God would be on the side of some mindlessly greedy, earth raping corporation? Do you?
I bet He's wondering why 2 or more have not gathered in HIS name and asked for HIS intervention.........
Tis' the season for Chuck Wagon Cook-offs!! (http://www.chuckwagon.org/),check their site for the 08' schedule, and truckstars if you only go to one event or take one vacation this year, and you're a fan of the old west, then you have to go to the big National Cowboy Symposium in Lubbock in Sept. 4-7th(http://www.cowboy.org/ ) the Chuckwagon Cook-off Championship is held there!!
Take a minute and PRAY for our troops around the world - with me - truckstars....whether you agree with the war or not - I think we can ALL agree that these are OUR men and women over there, our KIDS, and, the politics involved is way over my head, not to mention the idea that there's probably a lot going on we DON'T know about, so......and let's not forget about GOD in this equation....it's HIS will I want done, not some profit crazed business man's, not the government's, and damn sure not my own, I'm just not capable.....how 'bout you truckstar?
Okay truckstars - I gotta go - I'm trying to find a haul and a back-haul....(truck payments....know what I mean vern?)
so until next week
Remember - NO load and NO paycheck is worth dyin' for !!!!!
Pray for us all, our nation, the world and the lost..... and try not to worry!!
God hears prayers, trust me - I know.
As always I want you to remember - I love ya' and I'm prayin' for ya' !
Play nice, drive safe and pull it on home...........
Are you ready? Let's roll..........
......you're on the road with the original florida kid...............we gown..........