Saturday, January 15, 2011

NoReasonWhatsoever: Eye of the Beholder

NoReasonWhatsoever: Eye of the Beholder: "It was one of the nights that I spend with other parents who have also accompanied their children to ballet classes. Sometimes there's conve..."

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poetry Night on "One Stop Poetry"

 Thanks to Leslie -  Moondustwriter on Twitter and One Shot Poetry : a site she is one of the founders of, that is quickly becoming one of the best poetry sites online!

Forests of Memories Endless.

Moments reckoned as silent storms, pass.
Dim, distant horizons flash lightning, revelation,
too soon returning to darkest fury.
Witnesses gaze, shielded,
in forests of memories endless.

Unseen, a barren sky weeps, bowing it's crown.
Dust, graced by tears, sighs.
Tempests legacy of living water, flows,
reflecting light,
revealing shadow,
in forests of memories endless.

Within the wilderness of souls,
fallen upon broken ruins of stone, silent,
failed hearts decay.
Fearless, seeking refuge and passage, the living linger, mourning those.
Beyond reflections of sorrow the breath of mercy sustains,
in forests of memories endless.