Sunday, May 28, 2017

Soon - very soon I will be blogging regularly....

Hey all,
      It's been a long road back to a writers reality and I'm seeing a bit more daylight as I go along. Hopefully the latest edit and addition to my writing knowledge via James Patterson's class will work out in the form of a book deal and I can actually sit here and have a reason to instead of killing time throwing crumbs of blabberings to the masses. Apparently I'm still in the top 50 of Googles SEO and Copywriters list world wide but it isn't of value unless I use it for the reason I spent ten years building a platform for and that was to support my writing. It will be on a dot something site too.
Anyway Thanks I love you and I will be back soon to scribble my thoughts and progress on my way to the best seller list.

You know where to find me....D