Friday, October 14, 2011

Victoria Mixon : editor, author.

The Art & Craft of Story: 2nd Practitioner's ManualThe Art & Craft of Story: 2nd Practitioner's Manual by Victoria Mixon
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It's a great day Goodreads fans!
Why? Because I just got a copy of The Art & Craft of Story: 2nd Practitioner's Manual by Editor, writer and publishing industry Blogger - Victoria Mixon.
It is my view, maybe you agree, that writers never really stop learning and growing and should read credible books on the craft by credible authors. Victoria, and this just isn't my opinion(read the reviews on this book), more than qualifies in the "all-of-the-above" category.
Plus, I highly recommend following VM's truly awesome site and check out the top notch interviews and guest blogs by notable authors and others in the publishing industry. I've been following her for some time and I hope you will too. From what I've seen in my flip through the book so far, this isn't just another book on writing, it's a legitimate handbook for the author, the SERIOUS author.
That's why, here, I'm posting this even though I've read numerous "how-to" writing books and never done a review, until now.
Stay tuned writers and writing fans, more on this book soon!

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