Friday, August 10, 2007

On the Road with the original florida kid

"On the Road" with the original florida kid.
Week 10. Hello again fellow truckstars!
Alright......this week a kinder,gentler column...if I offended anyone last week, I would apologize but.....I can't.
Why? If you were offended by anything that I wrote then you A.) work for the federal gov.,
or B.) you're the CEO of a - "blue collar worker"exploiting corporation, or C.) your a Mexican truck driver......that's why.........
Think this thing through with me, if the Mexicans and big business get their way, meaning more imported cheap labor, what is the American truck driving "big picture" going to look like in a couple of years? What will the company you run for have to do to compete? Can they? Company drivers and independents? Do you think they would tell you, now, what they are going to do?
Some American trucking co's are setting up offices in Mexico and Costa Rica........ole'
Just a little food for thought for you to ponder over your cup of burnt coffee and greasy fast food at the truckstop.
I wish I could get a school loan to go back to school, a grant...something.....but I'd have to wash up on the beach down here in south florida to'd be easier than diggin' a tunnel under the fence into Texas.....
I really want to go through helicopter pilot school, I don't know if they'll give me a student loan, it's not cheap but the pilot gigs pay good, after years of driving in big city work traffic, I think I would feel safer in a helo than in a big rig!
True, I'm a writer with a few projects going, my book on American war vets, my book on pro cowboy bull riders, my "beach" novel, this column, a little poetry, long overdue song writing sessions in's all good - but I have no idea when I'll be making enough to live on, let alone research, travel and write full time. How do you break out of the "workin' man's" rut? I should have gotten serious about writing sooner than I did. Maybe it's just a matter of time....I don't know....That's why I'm trying so hard to be a good writer.....'s decisions..........who, what, when,where, and how?........I think I wish I were smarter........
You may not believe this but I am a very positive guy always looking to do better than I did yesterday........
Please God.... have mercy......give me grace.....Thank You for what I've got.....forgive me for what I am and what I'm not....... teach me how to pray for what I should do..... the only road I want to be on is the the road that leads to you.......
What about you truckstar? Whatcha think?
PBR - Adrian Moraes took first in Tulsa, Ok. at the Built Ford Tough Series, Express PBR Classic. the event was on July 22nd but I waited until it aired on Versus this past weekend to review it. Chris Shivers took second and Ross Coleman, third in points. Moraes, still ahead in overall career wins, with 34, must be looking over his shoulder for Justin McBride who has 29 and looks to catch Adriano late this season or early next year. Chris Shivers lit up the largest grossing event crowd, ever, at the Tulsa Convention Center with a career high 93.25 point ride on the infamous "Cat Daddy". Justin McBride took fifth, JB Mauney, the kid I told ya' to watch, came in 9th in the final round after winning the second round..... showin' a little bit of his yeeehawww.......
I'm tryin' to get an interview with Ross Coleman, he says he's going to be movin' cattle at home re-habbing after up coming knee surgery. J McB has taken some real bad shots lately, he's got to be hurtin'.......
NASCAR - Poconos, Pa. Nextel Cup - Kurt Busch in the #2 Penske Miller Lite car took the win in front of the crowd, some 130,000 strong. Our hero, Junior in the #8 Bud Chevrolet stayed on Busch but just couldn't catch him so he took second moving up one spot 12th in overall points.Denny Hamlin in the Fedex car placed third and Jeff Gordon finished 4th.
JUKEBOX - Pure BS, Blake Shelton's newest release is his best showcase yet, "Don't Make Me", "The More I Drink", "This Can't Be Good", "I Don't Care" "Back There Again", songs to listen to, they'll make you think, feel and sing along. This ol' boy can sing country music fans! Many of you already know that since "Don't Make Me" was released earlier this year, the rest of the cd won't disappoint you. Great vocals! (click on the audioplayer icon up top)
Don't forget about our neighbors in West Virginia....(they never got the federal funds they were supposed to get....)
Okay truckstars - that's it for this week - don't ever forget - I love ya and I'm prayin' for ya!
Play nice, drive safe, and pull it on home...........this is the original florida kid..............gown

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