Thursday, March 10, 2011

Indie Bookstores, eBooks and Google Books

I've been looking into, (since Indie Book Stores will always have a place in my heart and upper billing on my activist list,) into the idea and upcoming trend of IBS's having an eBook list for readers who may still want to read and buy their books via the various "reader" formats. Here's an example: Book Hampton You can find them on Twitter too: Book Hampton on Twitter
The folks at this venerable store in one of America's most beautiful spots tell me they are on the "list" for Google Books and hope to be "live" by summer. As, I'm sure the book sellers in your area might, or at least should be. You may want to inquire as to when!
I feel strongly about this because maybe like you I do not want to see the brick and mortar bookstores get plowed under by the digital wave sweeping through the publishing industry and this may be the way to help keep them alive, while being genuinely price competitive. And, the real fact of the matter is that they don't have to be. Online it's a matter of buying from your book seller and of course, pricing. Right - we all get that, but if we have a choice the let's make the choice to support indie book stores too!
Google, believe me when I tell you, from what I've researched, plans to give their vendors the ability to give Amazon a run for their money in every index. If anyone can do it, it's Google Books. The major publishing houses are no doubt planning their new market models as we speak and will plot their continued 80% market dominance. Count on it. Amazon, well, Amazon will always be Amazon but so is Barnes and Noble, legitimate competitors in the eBook marketplace and having the vision and foresight to launch their own wildly successful reader, the "Nook", which is doing very well. You can also get these readers for your PC or Laptop if you don't have a reader yet. Google Books already has the downloads on their page for ALL the readers in the upper toolbar, including PC, as choices for the book buyer.
Many top selling authors are already publishing in ebook formats, including the traditionally published ones, including updating their backlists to re-enter the sales march. A good example is JA Konrath JA 's website make sure you click on "blog" in the upper left sidebar and scroll down to his wed. March 2nd posting. VERY GOOD INFO! He's also on Twitter: JA Konrath on Twitter  He is an "indie author", as is Amanda Hocking Amanda Hocking , another indie superstar, in terms of sales and trail blazing for ALL authors.
Here's the link for Google eBookstore : Google eBookstore Most of the authors I searched for are there with either direct links to a sales checkout on Google or a link to a list of sales sites like B & N, Amazon, etc. The list is growing on Google eBooks for store fronts that offer all the books and authors you like, hopefully soon your fav brick and mortar bookstore will be there too so you can buy and read books how and when you want to and still support indie book stores.
I also love the idea that in your Google account, it will store all your books so you can access them on any device anytime anywhere. Like I said, I think Google has a good plan and I expect them to grab more market share very soon but the thing is, for me, this vision also includes ALL the ways we can buy books. Since in my area there is no indie book store I have been using B & N online and at the store in the mall and may still till I find a small book store to support around here or maybe online like the one I mentioned up top, but YOU can get involved, if you're of a mind to, and, who knows you may see your own book on the shelf and in an online store you helped support too.
More on Google Books and Google eBookstore and what Indie Authors are and will be listed on it, also IF and HOW, in an upcoming blog post. I have contacted a few indie authors and Google so I can put this all together for you and as an author, for myself.
Keep up with Indie Author trends here too: The Indie Book Collective You can follow the books and careers of several indie author stars there and the means they are using to promote indie books and authors, just follow the link to their site and go from there. One of the founders, Carolyn, has a #1 Kindle eBook called "30 Pieces of Silver" so trust me these ladies know what they're doing.
More soon on all this stuff and the latest updates as I break new ground as an author and make my way down "The Writers Road"

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J. L. Jackson said...

I'll be looking into this. Great informative post.

Daniel Audet said...

Hi JL, It's a work in progress, Google Books and Google eBookstore that is. I will be doing more on it soon as I get info back from them. They are anxious to get more writers on board too as direct sales outlets, believe it or not. Yes Amazon has a big share but smart authors are always looking for sales avenues and promotion angles and this will be a huge one because of the massive diversity it offers authors, indie book stores and all in publishing.