Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lost in space(s)

Hey kids,
 This will be a short post today. As I mentioned sometime back I'm trying to finish the first draft of my soon-to-be bestseller "To Hunt The Hunter" and I'm working at redoing the ending. I decided to switch roles between two of the bad guys and had to go back and change stuff from the first few chap's and all the way to near the end. I'll look out for more stuff I missed on my edits and rewrites.
Imagination plays such a big part in crafting scenes that have high action in them and I'm thinking I have more of that than I do major skill level but my burning desire to be able to translate thought like the heavy hitters do,this is what keeps me going and fearless about writing.
I read a lot and to me, and, for me, there is a very clear line between weak writing and the kind that sells millions of books. I'm not bashing anyone, as I've said I would never discourage anyone, ever, from writing but my point is that, even though I learn from both, it's abundantly clear to me that the top authors have a mastery of this craft, and that plus a good imagination is what makes for a good read. I notice also undercurrents in some authors writing. By that I mean I see and hear and feel the author directly speaking to me, the reader. Some authors do it better than others and I love that sense and feeling of riding along, kind of co-piloting with the characters and not even realizing I'm doing it.
We all have goals. I have a few and one of them is to learn how to write like the great thriller action adventure writers of our day and another one is to go 225 miles per hour on a motorcycle or, choice B. would be a long distance balloon ride, one with a bathroom on board.....
Anyway, I said this one would be short so I'll close it here.
Thanks everyone for all your support here and on the various sites I'm on and post to. know where to find me....

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