Friday, June 15, 2012

Update: Editing progress on my book..

     Time flies when you're editing, groping your way along. The difference between draft 2 and draft 3 is huge, since the first 100 pages were originally written over a year ago. Thankfully, I've learned a lot since then and my writing has greatly improved and the book is taking shape.
I read a lot, mostly new release thriller fiction, bestseller list - hardcover - and the contrast with what I'm reading from the big players to my own work is still there but the smoke is clearing quickly. What a great feeling to see the endless hours and days of effort paying off. I can't talk about any details yet, but, I've been approached by a few big hitters in publishing and book-to-film rep fields recently and much to my amazement there is interest, serious interest, in "To Hunt The Hunter", my first novel.
As you can imagine, I'm frantic and focused behind the scenes trying to up my game as a writer.

     I just wanted to update everyone and let you know why the blog hasn't been posted on lately. Between networking and trying to edit my own work, and there's always the very serious drama playing out here on the homefront, blogging hasn't been on my list of to-do's for a few weeks. I'll see you on Twitter and FB and Goodreads! know where to find me...


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