Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm writing I'm writing

Usually I take Sunday's off, from writing that is, but yesterday I felt compelled (<--- I get headaches when I use big words....) to finish and tweak a themed short story for an elder care group, so I did, or tried to anyway. We'll see what happens, I hope they and YOU, like it.
While I was online I also did a little networking too.
Today I'm back at it trying to put myself in the poet mood to finish a piece I started last week for a poetry site and do a non-fic piece for one of the new writer sites. 500 words, should be a breeze....yeah right....hopefully I can go back to my second short story, third actually if you count the one I finished yesterday - "Mrs. Murphy Rocks". My first recent effort, a short called "The Magic Whistle" will appear somewhere soon, I'm looking at the best showcase opp's for it.
On Twitter you may find me posting in my usual wise-ass mode or promoting fellow authors, most of whom are a lot further down 'the writers road' than I am, but it's all good since I truly love this biz and the better the writing gets the more fun it becomes and I've made a LOT of good friends both in and out of the writing/publishing community.
Heidi Ayarbe is a great find, she's a YA author with great creds.
Look for me on Goodreads, whether you're a fan of books or an author it's a great place to hang and put your 2 cents in. Readers shouldn't underestimate the value of their input and reviews of books written by authors who are also members of  Goodreads . Alex Berenson, James Patterson and Steven Gore are members.

The fundamentals of writing, for me, have not become second nature yet, though I think about them a lot less these days and focus more on the depth and scope of my own translation, from my mind to the page to your mind. I can't tell how someone will reconstitute the story for themselves but I CAN make sure as much feature is there in tight sentencing. I love writing dialogue, even though, to me, narration and description are just other forms of it and come from a different angle, just not spoken, but "voice" is an element of them all. I love to blabber and oddly, so do my characters. Some of them.
(In real life, whatever that is, I'm more the strong silent type who, secretly, always wanted be Jerry Lewis.)
Blogging has helped me a lot in that department, of voice and the fundamentals that is, and I've written under the pressure of knowing many thousands of people will be reading what I write, so, though they are vastly dis-similar in some ways, yet, in others, they have the same effect on how I go about writing.
I'd better get back to it, before I wear myself out.
I'll see you on Daniel on Twitter or My Facebook Page or Goodreads, and, I'll let you know when something happens with my work and where it will be, in case you want to read it.



Romance Girl said...

Daniel, I do enjoy your snappy little comments. Not a writer myself; but I do enjoy blogging about the books I have read. I hope to get better at that with practice. Since I just started that very recently, I do hope practice makes it better.

Daniel Audet said...

Hi Eva,
Thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed the post, short as it is. Many writers know and appreciate the value of feedback from readers like you, more than you may know.