Monday, November 15, 2010

Update on my writing.....

     All week I've been trying to get myself together enough to do a little scribbling, while waiting for the edit of a short story that came out really well.

I'm working on a few book reviews and networking my ass off.(not that you needed to know that....)
Articles? Yeah well, not lately, although I do enjoy doing them(arrrrgggghhhh), but, as many of your know doing a good article can take days of research and/or re-writing so, at the moment I can't spare that kind of time. Blogging is a bit easier since I've been doing it for so long and I can bang out 2k in a heartbeat.
Hopefully it all makes sense....(eyeroll...)
I've been asked to write pieces for a few of the better writer sites and I'm trying to figure out what to write about and how in the world I'll have the brain function to do it, but, happy to have been asked.
Though it might seem like there are lots of, maybe too many, options out there to display your work, be careful about how and where you spend your time doing it. Blogging and fiction have little in common except for the rudimentary elements both require, and, I've found that blogging about writing will keep you pointed in the right direction in a weird way but can keep you at a distance from progress or completing a piece or book if you linger too long doing it.
 I'm at that stage right now where the poetry, blog posts and networking are converging and though I enjoy the attention and seeing and meeting great people, I have to keep in mind that I am a fiction author and have no interest in being a journalist or non-fiction writer, or, a poet for that matter.
I DO spend a lot of time expanding my horizons just like anyone else who is building a foundation to support their work.
I have a song writing (and blogger) background so I guess the poetry comes easier for me than for most, and, hopefully I'll hear more songs I've written make it to radio. It's a real thrill to know people like what you write no matter what it is. Just remember, evaluate and keep track of where you are and if your mission statement has changed, if it does or has, and that's okay as long as it's what and who you are. Don't spread yourself too thin or feel like you need to grovel. EVER. The better your writing is and the integrity of your network is what matters. Keep in mind, publishing has a corporate ethic. It's ALL about the money, I'm not saying for me it is, I'm saying in this business it is, that's the cold hard reality - so deal with it. Artistic refuge may be reserved for the elite group of authors on the bestseller list you might think, but I know a few of the male authors who ride the top of the lists and I can tell you that they are all about the business of applying the art and craft USING a strong understanding and determined sense of business to do it. Set your little world up like a business that revolves around your writing. People will help you if the writing is worth their time and they believe they can benefit or if they just plain like you, but be willing to help them too. And, don't be naive when you run the gauntlet of marketers and those who prey on idealistic young writers as you explore the territory of this industry on your way up. Research EVERY direction you take yourself in, and your work, whether that be self-publishing or whatever. Be careful and thoughtful about your choices.
Another thing: Competition.
The only person, place or thing you are in competition with or against is YOURSELF. Great writing will always attract a following and sell books. All the networking, Twitter, Facebook or whatever, activity in the world will NOT if the writing isn't saleable.
Reason your motivation in your mind however you need to when it comes to WHY you write or WHO you write for but believe me when I tell you - the marketplace and genre influences will have an impact on what you compose more so than artistic theology or personal doctrines. Master the technical side then run totally wild with your imagination, refining your "voice" all the way down 'the writer's road'.

Talk to you soon....Daniel
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John Milner said...

Great way to end your moratorium. Certain it's an example of many more informative posts to follow.

I also find that writing in the format of various medium will enhance writing skills. Even messaging on Twitter hones ones ability to convey thoughts in concise statements.

I approach the process of project branding with both frustration and incitement and hope a successful conclusion is forthcoming.

I hear the voices calling for me to launch a new project and have ignored their demands until confident Benson's House is being tended to capably.